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Combat in Elyria

Combat Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Training camp concept art

There has been a reference to combat mechanics, and advanced combat mechanics during the 2nd Nov Q&A. [1]

The premise is that a level 50 swordsman, for the most part will always best a level 10 swordsman, but there is the element of player skill and learned experience on your character through trials and tribulations of current and past lives, that might skew the results of a combat.

However a combat between a level 1 and a level 10 swordsman are largely balanced, player skill not permitting.

Vitality[edit | edit source]

There are not really health points in Chronicles of Elyria.[2] Once that has settled in a bit we can talk about the alternative, vitality. We actually mentioned vitality bars last week, and the dark shadow imminent perma-death casts upon it, but what is it? Well IRC has the answers:

  • "You can think of Vitality as consciousness. If you go too long without rest, food, water, etc. you pass out from fatigue. If you’re in a fight and are injured, you fatigue faster and pass out sooner." - Caspian

It is a combination of all the various bars you might be used to in other games rolled into one. Health, fatigue, hunger, thirst, all represented as one mechanic. It is not for simplification, though, you still have to consider all those factors, it for consequences. Your actions in one area now impact other areas of your character.

  • "It means if you’re planning to siege a castle, you have to stop and camp nearby to recover from the trip. This gives scouts that see you a chance to warn the castle ahead of time. It also means that bandits who see you leaving may want to ambush you later in the journey when you’re more tired. But this also gives you more chance to notice them as they follow you." - Caspian

There are pause points. Times where you will be weaker. Occasions for attackers to be spotted before they take up their arms. It means that there is room for the story, room for exploiting the actions of others. I have to admit it is a system that appeals to me. Not only will you want to take it into account in your combat tactics, but also in your defence. I know that as a merchant on the road my guards and I are more susceptible to bandits the more fatigued we are. Do I push on to make as much ground as possible and get to safety quicker, or do we rest more frequently to make sure we are not leaving ourselves as vulnerable while on the road?

Combat Skills[edit | edit source]

Combat skills relate to a character’s ability to fight. This includes fighting unarmed, with 1 handed and 2 handed weapons, with thrown and ranged weapons, and utilizing additional tactics such as two-weapon fighting, and sneak attacks.[3]

Skill Categories[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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