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We've been talking with Improbable on ways in which we can expose the back-end mechanics of the game for early testing in the form of a

text-based role-playing game. We initially described it as a traditional text-based MUD where we can exercise and stress some of the server-side game mechanics even before pre-alpha. Herman Narula, the CEO of Improbable, and I sat down and had a conversation about the scope of the Pre-Alpha Experiences. He made a compelling argument about the accessibility of a text-based RPG and how likely we were to get the player-engagement we wanted. At the same time, I realized that providing ElyriaMUD as a 2D, sprite-based game would allow us to further test the positional queries of our game. Things like 'If I'm within X of this building, provide Y passive bonus.' The result is that we've transitioned away from perceiving ElyriaMUD as a text-only RPG, and instead intend for it to be a richer, more accessible 2D Graphical MUD. Instead of using a traditional MUD client, we will instead build a simple 2D game client - likely using Unity.

As a multi-player game ElyriaMUD will focus first and foremost on the multi-player mechanics of the game. Things like:

  • Communication
  • Contracts (Explicit)
  • Crime & Punishment
  • Economy
  • Families
  • Identities
  • Organizations
  • Parties / Grouping
  • Reputation / Fame

ElyriaMUD is intended to span anywhere from 30 to 50 in-game years. This allows us to incorporate other mechanics. Things such as:

  • Achievements
  • Artificial Intelligence (NPCs)
  • Ecology
  • Dynamic Environments
  • Character Lifecycle
  • Souls
  • Story-Engine

And, of course, ElyriaMUD will have cameo features as well, such as survival mechanics, combat, crafting, etc. These are there as necessary elements to test the other intended features of the game, but aren't there to validate those specific mechanics. In many cases, such as combat, they exist in ElyriaMUD as a shadow or completely disassociated version of the final system. I.e. Don't expect combat in ElyriaMUD to work like it does in Prologue / CoE. Likewise, while there will be crafting in ElyriaMUD, it's more to validate the overall system of gathering resources, converting them into crafting materials, crafting components, and then constructing them into objects. The user experience of crafting will not be the same as Prologue / CoE.[1]

Upon launch of ElyriaMUD, players will be able to create characters and walk around in the world, role-playing and interacting with their fellow players while helping us test the game mechanics. ElyriaMUD will leverage the Soulborn Engine to expose characters to a dynamic, evolving story-line in which they have control of the narrative.[1] And to keep life super exciting, events that happen in Kingdoms of Elyria will be mirrored in ElyriaMUD and vice-versa! If a Kingdom in KoE declares war on your kingdom, you can be sure the NPCs in ElyriaMUD will be talking about it. And if you happen to kill a noble while in ElyriaMUD, it’ll be reflected in the dance of dynasties!

Those players wanting to begin building their guilds, forming in-game relationships, and staying connected to the world throughout the development process need look no further than Kingdoms of Elyria and ElyriaMUD.

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