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Exposition Points

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Exposition Points (EP), formerly known as Bonus IP[1], is a game's pre-launch currency[2] that comes with Package Tiers or is purchased in the add-ons section of the store. EP will be used during Exposition to purchase various starting items (see below).

Acquiring EP[edit | edit source]

EP can be acquired two ways:

  • Purchasing a backer level bloodline or greater will come with a set amount of EP.
  • Purchasing an EP add-on.
KS Tier EP Total
Bloodline 100 100
Merchant 125 225
Ursaphant Rider 175 400
Baron/Baroness 225 625
Astronomer 315 940
Count/Countess 450 1390
Artisan 675 2065
Brew Master 925 2990
Weapon Master 1400 4390
Celebrity 1900 6290
Artificer 2400 8690
Duke/Duchess 3400 12090
Chimera...or Karate 4900 16990
King/Queen 10000 26990
KS Add-ons EP
$10 100
$25 275
$35 400
$50 600
$75 925
$100 1250

Spending EP[edit | edit source]

Directly prior to and during Exposition, players will be able to spend their EP for various in-game items or features.

Upon early access of the game players will be able to use the influence they’ve gained between now and then in order to gain perks in the world. Whether or not that’s allowing them to start as a non-traditional character, as an older character, in getting their foot in the door and a place in the world, whether or not it’s buying additional Sparks of Life so they don’t have to worry about some of the risks that they’re taking for a while, whether or not it’s potentially investing in unique or rare items that they can hold onto for as long as they can hold on to... There’s a wide range of things that they can do with that.
~ Caspian on April 4, 2016 Q&A
  • Players who do not have access to Exposition but acquire or purchase EP will be able to "earn their way" into Exposition in order to spend it. (reference forthcoming)
  • After Exposition, any remaining EP will be converted (at a loss) to Story Points.[3]

The following tables list the currently known items that will be available for purchase with EP during Exposition.

Residential Buildings[edit | edit source]

Residential buildings from Kickstarter
Item Size (m2) Cost (EP) Stone (+)
Shack 25 100 50
Cottage 64 225 100
House 144 500 250
Townhouse 192 700 325
Villa 384 1300 700
Manor 672 2300 1000

Commercial Buildings[edit | edit source]

Commercial Buildings will be available for the following professions: General Store, Leatherworks, Map Shop,Paper Mill, Tailor, Glass Shop, Tavern, Masonry Shop, Library, Woodshop, Alchemy Lab, Smithy

Item Size (m2) Cost (EP) Stone (+) 2nd Floor (+)
Small 36 200 50 100
Medium 54 325 75 150
Large 108 400 100 175

Note: A 2-story stone building costs the base cost + stone cost + 2nd floor cost.

  • For example, a small, 2-story stone building will cost 350 EP total.

Transportation[edit | edit source]

EP may be used to purchase various Transportation items.

Transportation Infographic from CoE Kickstarter
Item Cost (EP) Type Size Notes
Mule 75 Animal Small
Horse 150 Animal Medium
Thoroughbred 350 Animal Small
Ursaphant 350 Animal Large
Trison 500 Animal Large
Cart 75 Vehicle Small
Wagon 75 Vehicle Small
Paddy-Wagon 150 Vehicle Medium
Gravekeeper's Cart 150 Vehicle Medium
Nomad's Wagon 350 Vehicle Medium
Carriage for Two 350 Vehicle Medium
Merchant Caravan 500 Vehicle Large
War Wagon 500 Military Large
Battering Ram 75 Military Small
Ballista 150 Military Medium
Catapult 150 Military Large
Trebuchet 500 Military Large

Profession Kits[edit | edit source]

Profession Kit infographic from CoE Kickstarter
Profession kits will be available for the following professions:

Explorer, Herbalist, Hunter, Miner, Lumberjack, Papermaker, Farmer, Prospector, Merchant, Blacksmith, Tailor, Leatherworker, Cartographer, Scribe, Mason, Tinkerer, Carpenter, Artist, Cook, Alchemist, Candlemaker, Glass Blower, and Fletcher.

Item Cost (EP) Tools Outfit Resources Land Facilities
Tier 1 (starter) Kit 100 Basic Basic Common
Tier 2 Kit 225 Advanced Advanced Common, Uncommon (64m)2 Crafting/Processing Station
Tier 3 Kit 400 Advanced Advanced Common, Uncommon (64m)2 Crafting Station and Building

Note: Tier 3 building is a "small commercial" building.

References[edit | edit source]

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