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Kingdoms of Elyria

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You cannot lose backer positions through participation in Kingdoms of Elyria.[1]

Sometime after v3.0 of the website we'll be releasing a web-based portal that will allow players to play the Dance of Dynasties.[2] While we haven't set the full feature set yet, what we do know is it'll enable players to form and change alliances, declare wars, fight for shared resources, and even invest in research.

Kingdoms of Elyria will begin approximately 90 Elyrian years before the Exposition[3]. The actions that take place during Kingdoms of Elyria will quite literally be writing the recent history of the servers. As you can imagine, Kingdoms of Elyria will come after selection of Kingdoms, Duchies, Counties, and settlements, as well as selection of custom family names. The aristocracy and nobility that participate in the Kingdoms of Elyria game will be playing as their noble houses, 2-3 generations before the birth of their first character in Chronicles of Elyria. To protect the identity of the players, the KoE game will be entirely "in-character", with no visible indication of which player corresponds to which noble houses.

Kingdoms of Elyria is intended for the nobility and aristocracy. But what about the gentry or other players in Exposition who want to participate in the game and testing? They will have their chance through ElyriaMUD.

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