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Adam M

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Adam M, "Snipehunter"
Lead Designer
Notable Works
Rift MMO and Star Citizen (in-dev)

Adam M "Snipehunter" is the Lead Designer on Chronicles of Elyria for Soulbound Studios. As Lead Designer, Snipehunter's role is to lead the other designers on the team, like Jason W "Death (Game Designer) and Miguel S "Souzou" (Tech Designer). As lead designer, Snipehunter is another able hand to help realize the design vision of Chronicles of Elyria, and a speaker for that vision, helping to flesh out the technical details and manage efforts for building it all.[1]

Early Career[edit | edit source]

Later Notable Works[edit | edit source]

Rift - Trion World Network[edit | edit source]

Senior Designer 2007 - 2009 (about 2 years) & Lead Designer 2009 - 2010 (10 months)[edit | edit source]

Early on, as a Senior Designer, Adam was primarily responsible for Rift's lore, world creation, and IP development for in the MMO's pre-production phase. Later on, as Lead Designer, Adam was responsible for growing and guiding the vision of the game through production.

Skyward* Corp [2][edit | edit source]

Founder, 2011- Current[edit | edit source]

  Skyward provides premier design support, content creation, production assistance and audio & music recording and composition to the industry as well as consultation services in game design.

Private Life[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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