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Pre-Alpha Crafting Exploration: Alchemy [1], 29 September 2018

In CoE Alchemy is the main field of knowledge of the Alchemist, knowledge required through research. Alchemists aim to optimally utilize the potential of materials for a vast range of applications. Their efforts focus on modifying the chemical composition or state of materials so these meet their purpose. With their knowledge of materials and the ways to manipulate them, they are able to create products like potions, poisons, etc, and also various mixtures and tinctures.[2] Alchemists can use as ingredients in their preparations everything obtainable from their environment and the creatures inhabiting Elyria, such as guts, bones and numerous other things.[3] It is unclear at this stage which crafting stations and skills an alchemist will need in order to make effective use of his alchemical knowledge.

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