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Elyria is the world where all the Chronicles of Elyria have found their origin. It is the world created by Soulbound Studios using their own game engine for the purpose of the games encompassed in their brand Chronicles of Elyria.

For players of the games, Elyria is the world their characters experience as their environment, and the canvas to create their own lore by carving out their marks on the lands of Elyria and painting their characters destiny through stories sprouting from their own imagination.

The virtual 'physical' world of Elyria is created in the process of World Generation for each server used for the PC game 'Chronicles of Elyria'. For the other two games in the brand, Prelyria and Kingdoms of Elyria, dedicated versions of Elyria will be used.

The virtual immaterial world of Elyria is created by both the people of Soulbound Studios and the community playing the games of Chronicles of Elyria.

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