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The world in Elyria is populated with several Non-Player-Character and Player-Character governments that rule and control different portions of the land. Like real-world nations, these governments make and enforce laws, claim land and resources, engage in diplomatic and military conflicts with rival nations, and undergo internal political strife. While styles from kingdom to kingdom vary, governments in Chronicles of Elyria are designed hierarchically, with power controlled mostly by the wealthy Kings and Duchies.

Government Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

The hierarchy of responsibility and oversight in governance is managed by the various levels of Nobility.

Each of the nations in Chronicles of Elyria is a Kingdom led by a King or Queen. For each starting continent, there are six kingdoms.
Duchies are provinces within kingdoms and are governed by Dukes/Duchesses. A single Kingdom has 12 duchies.
Counties are regions within Duchies and are ruled by Counts or Countesses. There are 24 counties within a Duchy, and 288 in an entire kingdom.

See Social Classes for details on the responsibilities of the Nobility.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Settlements are the Hamlets, Villages, Towns and Cities of the world. Settlements are ruled in a number of different manners by varying positions and give several benefits. Military settlements are controlled by Barons appointed by a Duke/Duchess.

See Land Management for details on how parcels of land are managed within counties.

Current Governments[edit | edit source]

To find out about the kingdoms, duchies, counties, and settlements currently existing in Elyria see the Current Governments page.

References[edit | edit source]

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