This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.

Kingdoms of Elyria

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Kingdoms of Elyria is a planned top-down, 2D graphical overlay game resembling a traditional kingdom management game, run in a thin WebGL-based client similar to the client for VoxElyria. It will include the features necessary to do kingdom / land / domain management, which includes settlement building, architecture / construction, and the ability to zone land.[1] The minigame's creation is predicated on a need for Soulbound Studios to gather data on how kingdoms interact within the game world, so they can informatively design the mechanics governing those interactions.

KoE will enable players to form and change alliances, declare wars, fight for shared resources, and even invest in research. In the event that someone was to obtain a casus belli, the 2D perspective allows someone to direct markers to indicate where the armies should mobilize. It even allows the players to send couriers to mobilized military to change their orders.

Kingdom of Elyria gameplay focuses on the following CoE mechanics:

  • Government
  • Laws (Implicit Contracts)
  • Research & Technology
  • Settlement Building
  • Reputation / Fame
  • Economy[2]

Kingdoms of Elyria will begin approximately 50-60 Elyrian years before the Exposition[1]. The actions that take place during Kingdoms of Elyria will quite literally be writing the recent history of the servers. As you can imagine, Kingdoms of Elyria will come after selection of Kingdoms, Duchies, Counties, and settlements, as well as selection of custom family names. The aristocracy and nobility that participate in the Kingdoms of Elyria game will be playing as their noble houses, 2-3 generations before the birth of their first character in Chronicles of Elyria. To protect the identity of the players, the KoE game will be entirely "in-character", with no visible indication of which player corresponds to which noble houses.

Kingdoms of Elyria is intended for the nobility and aristocracy, but other players eager to test the game out in their own low-resolution engine have their chance through VoxElyria.

Release Schedule[edit | edit source]

KoE is planned to release after VoxElyria is released to all players. VoxElyria development will be the primary focus in Q4 2017, with release some time after that, and KoE-related features development will start around T2 of 2018.[1]

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Will aristocracy be able to lose their backer positions by participating in Kingdoms of Elyria?


Can we play more than one character?


Can we join multiple families while we play VoxElyria?

Yes. Join a different family each time. Experiment with the different tribes.

How will reincarnation work, etc.? Does VoxElyria require Sparks of Life?

VoxElyria won't require Sparks of Life. However, we also want to be able to pseudo-accurately determine how people will behave with our normal risk/reward system. So we will provide a new type of "Spark of Life" which we've tentatively been calling "Remnants". These Remnants allow you to create a character from a "past life", until they die. Alpha/Beta testers will accumulate a certain number of remnants over time. If you do something dumb and get yourself dead, you'll have to wait until your remnants reset before you'll be able to create another character.[1]

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