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Main Story[edit | edit source]

Using the Soulborn Engine, Soulbound Studios will be implementing a 10 year long dynamic story which will affect the whole of Elyria.

History[edit | edit source]

See History to learn about Elyria's past.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Religions and their beliefs play a large part in the world of Elyria.

Players can create Cults of existing religions but not entirely new religions with the use of game mechanics.[1]

Rituals[edit | edit source]

Rituals are established within cultures through the ages. These may be of various origin, nature, frequency and intensity. Rituals can be celebrations, pilgrimages, competitions, parades, inaugurations, rites of initiation, etcetera. Especially religious and tribal rituals can have significant impact on the lives of many Elyrians. See Rituals for more information.

Lore Characters[edit | edit source]

Many characters have shaped the history of Elyria with their actions. See Lore Characters for more information.

Planes[edit | edit source]

Some religions believe that Elyria was one world, before a cataclysmic event split it into different planes. See Planes for more information.

References[edit | edit source]