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OPC Scripts

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This page can be used for sharing your OPC scripts once we start the game.

Summary of how it'll work[edit | edit source]

  1. Write code in C#/JScript using the hooks provided.
  2. Submit the script either via in-game or via the website. The script is parsed, compiled, checked for errors, etc... then you can, while in-game select the whole script or parts of it as your new OPC logic.

From a technical perspective, the C#/JScript code is compiled in to a .NET assembly on the server and is then loaded into a protected AppDomain where it's ran in isolation and monitored for performance issues. Then, your OPC DLL is sent messages to which it can respond to using methods overridden from a base class.

You can assign different event types to different classes/objects. So it's possible to mix/match classes to get different behaviors.

References[edit | edit source]