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Story Points

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Story Points (SP) are the currency system available after Exposition and any remaining Influence & Exposition Points will be converted to SP with a substantial loss.[1]

Acquiring SP[edit | edit source]

You can get Story Points depending on your character's involvement in the story. These points earned will then be multiplied by your character's fame. The following table show the ranks:

Story Points Multipliers From Fame [citation needed]
Fame Level Story Points Multiplier Example
Unknown x1 Gentry
Notable x1.5 City Council
Prominent x2 Mayor
Famous x4 Magistrate/Baron
Renowned x8 Count
Exalted x16 Duke
Legendary x32 King

Spending SP[edit | edit source]

Earning Sparks of Life[edit | edit source]

All Players will require a predetermined number of Story Points if they wish to earn a Spark of Life without paying real money. The higher the position of the heir the more story points that will be required. If you are very active, you will easily be able to gain story points to earn a free spark for your heir in about three months. However if you are very inactive you will not be able to earn many story points and will need to pay for your next Spark of Life.[2]

Additional Purchases[edit | edit source]

You can spend your SP to buy new Souls.

References[edit | edit source]

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