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The Tribes of Elyria are the twelve major racial and geopolitical groups that make up the Children of Mann. Each is native to a particular biome or group of biomes, and has its own distinct culture and racial traits.[1]

There will be eight tribes on the starting continent at launch: Brudvir, Dras, Janoa, Neran, the Waerd, To'resk, Hrothi, Kypiq. Four additional playable tribes will be accessible after ocean travel is researched and their continents have been discovered: Yoru, Owem, Erishe, Mydarri.[2][3] It's important to note that even though there will be one continent at launch; however, all continents are being built and defined before launch and will be in-game just not accessible at launch. [4]

Identifying Categories[edit | edit source]

  • Biology: Physical appearance and state
  • Environment: The biome a tribe is usually found in.
  • History: Unique historical experiences for each tribe.
  • Culture: From a unique history brings a unique culture, like language and religion.
  • Sociology: Specific social conventions like professions, levels of government, and political advancement.
  • World Relations: Whether other tribes are friend or foe.[5]

Playable Tribes Lineup.jpg

The Tribes[edit | edit source]

Concept Art Name Biome Avg. Height Avg. Weight Build Description
Yoru (ListenIcon.svg listen) Tundra 225 cm (7 ft. 4.5 in.) Large and tall
Brudvir concept art.jpg Brudvir (ListenIcon.svg listen) Alpine Forest 189 cm (6 ft. 2.4 in.) 102.06 kg (225 lb.) to 113.4 kg (250 lb.) Muscular upper body[6]
Dras concept art.jpg Dras (ListenIcon.svg listen) Swamp Wetland 195 cm (6 ft. 4.7 in.) 56.7 kg (125 lb.) to 68.04 kg (150 lb.) Slender with long limbs[7]
Janoa concept art.jpg Janoa (ListenIcon.svg listen) Tropical Rainforest 190 cm (6 ft. 2.8 in.) 79.38 kg (175 lb.) to 90.72 kg (200 lb.) Long upper body and arms[8]
Owem (ListenIcon.svg listen) Savannah 186 cm (6 ft. 1.2 in.) Tall and long-legged
Neran concept art.jpg Neran (ListenIcon.svg listen) Grassland 174 cm (5 ft. 8.5 in.) 68.04 kg (150 lb.) Average[9]
Erishé (ListenIcon.svg listen) Arid Desert 174 cm (5 ft. 8.5 in.) Average
The Waerd concept art.jpg The Waerd (ListenIcon.svg listen) Semi-Arid Desert 170 cm (5 ft. 6.9 in.) 68.04 kg (150 lb.) Average[10]
Mydarri (ListenIcon.svg listen) Saltwater Mangrove 174 cm (5 ft. 8.5 in.) 56.7 kg (125 lb.) to 68.04 kg (150 lb.) Average
To'resk concept art.jpg To'resk (ListenIcon.svg listen) Freshwater Wetland 157 cm (5 ft. 1.8 in.) 56.7 kg (125 lb.) to 68.04 kg (150 lb.) Average[11]
Hrothi concept art.jpg Hrothi (ListenIcon.svg listen) Mountain Steppe 146 cm (4 ft. 9.4 in.) 56.7 kg (125 lb.) to 68.04 kg (150 lb.) Short and bulky[12]
Kypiq concept art.jpg Kypiq (ListenIcon.svg listen) Broadleaf Forest 122 cm (4 ft. 0 in.) 27.22 kg (60 lb.) Short and petite[13]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The diagram to the left shows the general disposition between the twelve Tribes; tribes that are traditionally friendly or allied are connected with a green line, while tribes that are traditionally hostile or rivals are connected with a red line. Tribes with no predisposition towards or against each other are connected with a gray line.

A graph showing the general relationships (positive and negative) between the Tribes

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